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All fitness levels!

2016 Pelvic floor and lower abdominal resolution to strengthen

At Skipfit, (not skipping), we instruct correct, specific functional exercises to help Mums strengthen the pelvic floor and re-connect to their deep abdominal muscles.

We re-align first for optimal posture and then coach appropriate engagement of the pelvic floor and deep core muscles. We teach both breathing exercises as well as how to relax the muscles to ensure excellent function of these muscles.

Join Skipfit today, re-connect, and build the foundations for a stronger, flatter tummy. Strengthen you're pelvic floor, decrease the risk of incontinence, prolapse and back pain, now and in the future.

TERM 3, 2016 Dates and Cost

Monday's and Wednesday's

Monday 25th July- Wednesday 31st August

1 class a week is;

$15.50 x 6 = $93

2 classes a week are;

$14 x 12 = $168

Casual $18

Account details;

01 0373 0182687 00
Reference with name please

Above and Beyond childcare centre care for your child/s, next to Nourish cafe on Te Puna Rd, opposite hall.

Please contact 5795714 to arrange registration.

Secure your place today
Call Alexia 0210822 9993
email; to confirm your place.

Class Content for indoor/outdoor sessions;

The class is specifically tailored to Mums.

Classes are 1 hour, beginning with Alignment, deep diaphramic breathing, pelvic floor and core engagement, followed by a dynamic whole body warm up , then a main workout of cardio, including functional exercises, circuit based. Finishing with core and floor strengthening exercises on the mat and stretches.

The class is designed for all levels of fitness, and is indoors/outdoors to music. The class is instructed by a qualified group instructor who is REPS registered.

Mats and exercise equipment also provided. There are toilets available.

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